The Beowulf


1h mecha by andree wallin beowulf

Height: 250 ft tall

Standard weapons: Forearm Chain Guns, Shoulder Missile Packs (24 mini
missiles), Club

Destroid class land mech; heavy armaments

The Beowulf is a destroid class mech designed for defense at all ranges. It is laden with weapons systems and heavy armor. The Beowulf was designed to be dropped into a hot zone and quickly establish a defendable perimeter and push back the enemy. It is equally at home in a city patrol as it is holding a mountain pass or clearing a forest.

The Beowulf is a slow lumbering beast. When you need a hole punched through something the Beowulf is your mech. Just don’t expect it to be subtle about it.


WPN 3;
ARM 3;
SPD 1;
3 Bonus Stat points to allocate

Configurations Allowed: Berserker, Boomer, Defender, Bulwark, Heavy Metal, JackHammer, Scanner, Sniper, Stonewall, Stalwart, Striker, Supercharged

Weapon Systems

Every mech weapon available can be mounted on a Beowulf. These mechs don’t excel at hand to hand combat and so they usually avoid melee weapons. However, a few pilots have been known to use a large spiked club or warhammer on occasion in the field.

Usually these mechs are deployed with some more manueverable assault configurations to provide defense to the unit while it obliterates from a distance.

The Beowulf

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