• Hiro Low

    Hiro Low

    Born to fly, Hiro is a prodigy who has climbed quickly through the ranks of the PDF as an ace pilot.
  • Kratz Shelby

    Kratz Shelby

    Kratz is the kind of bookish nerd that you would expect to find in a library. The fact that he's one of the best Typhoon pilots in the PDF is bewildering to everyone who meets him.
  • Lady Vespa

    Lady Vespa

    Some people would claim that a princess has no place flying a Typhoon class fighter. Those people have never met Lady Vespa
  • Lisa Rolen

    Lisa Rolen

    Happy go lucky. Lisa never takes anything seriously. That's why people are always surprised when her kill rate always places her at the top of her squad.
  • Odin Maxwell

    Odin Maxwell

    Odin lives for one thing: to see his adversaries blood stain the battlefield.
  • Veronica Shelby

    Veronica Shelby

    The only thing Veronica loves more than her mecha is her husband Kratz. The last thing you want to do in battle with her is threaten him.
  • Zaxx Mercury

    Zaxx Mercury

    No one knows where Zaxx came from. He never speaks of his past. He never speaks of anything, really.
  • Mighty Candara

    Mighty Candara

    Mighty is the hardest working pilot in the PDF. She's also one of the most feared.