VF320 Dragonfly

False color and false gravity by myname1z4xs d351gl8 dragonfly


VTOL mech jet

The Dragonfly was designed as a lightly armored, fast attack strike jet. It gets it’s name from its VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) capabilities. The Dragonfly is at its best when a group of 4 or more jets are swarming around a target, hovering just out of striking distance, and then darting in to strike at the opponents flank.


WPN 2;
ARM 1;
SPD 4;
3 Bonus Stat points to allocate

Configurations Allowed: Berserker, Boomer, Bulwark, Heavy Metal, JackHammer, Scanner, Sniper, Stonewall, Stalwart, Transformer

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VF320 Dragonfly

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